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I first met Susan as a guest speaker on accessing intuitive energy at a special interest course I took at Camden County College. Besides demonstrating her intuitive gifts, she shared how she incorporated them in her therapeutic massage and Reiki healing sessions with a unique, more comprehensive approach to healing than possible with any one of them alone. I had had occasional massages before, but nothing like what she described. I was fascinated, especially because I had multiple auto-immune disorders including scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, severe back, muscle and joint pain, and of course, stress.

Susan did not disappoint. She could find and read stress in my body and relate its physical location and feel to things going on in my life. Releasing the physical, emotional and energetic pain from my body with more than just skilled touch but an integrated combination of touch, Reiki energy, words and consciousness. She has been a god-send in keeping me mobile and dealing with multiple autoimmune issues comprehensively, not just one symptom at a time, as with many therapies. I feel much better physically, mentally and emotionally since finding her.

Over the past two years I have referred several friends to Susan. Each of us have our own distinctive style of massage, Reiki and intuitive reading – a tribute to her depth and flexibility. One friend, sensitive to being touched, prefers a silent meditative Reiki treatment followed by discussion/reading. I prefer an invasion, sometimes painful, massage with instruments and dialogue between us along the way. All of us love Susan and appreciate the talent and ease with which she meets our unique needs. One thing always the same is her kindness, smiling acceptance, understanding and sense of what to do and say for each person’s needs – body, mind and soul.

Among her peers, Susan is a recognized leader and sought after advisor. Always professional and generous with her time, she never places herself above others, easily gathering a following. Susan also teaches several wonderful classes, including Reiki, at her office and in the community.
Nancy H.


Dear Susan,
I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. I am very grateful!! I enjoy our intuitive sessions. It is very comforting to have someone who I can trust to help guide me on my life’s journey.

Reiki is just wonderful, I not only love to receive treatments, but have now become a Reiki so I can share its benefits with others.

Susan, I loved your intuitive awareness class, it was great. I learned so many techniques to tapping into my higher self and connecting with my guides and much, much more. Well I could go on and on.
Thank you so very much.


God answered a prayer when He let our paths cross in Tom’s class. From that first meeting, I knew that I had met someone I could talk with about the metaphysical world. The last two years have confirmed that and I grew to appreciate how special you are.

I think it is your gentle, nurturing, easy-going manner that makes time spent in your company so uplifting. I tend to make mountains out of molehills, to ruminate an issue in my head until it and I are mush. Your reassuring smile and practical wisdom encourage me to trust my heart/intuition and give my brain a rest. There is a calmness and a surety about you that time is my friend and that if I would get out of my head, I could develop my intuition and grow to trust it to guide my life.

I have always enjoyed a good massage but your ability to read energy so well and incorporate Reiki into the session facilitates my healing. Having a “reading” during the massage helps me to understand what is going on in my life at the time that could be adding to my physical or emotional discomfort. The exercises you have given me have been a big help also.

And I really appreciate your opening my mind and my heart to Reiki. I love that I am a Reiki II and use it extensively. I feel I have another tool that helps me flow with life a little better. And I can send Reiki healing energy to family and friends or situations which makes me feel like I am helping in a small and inconspicuous way.

But it is your spirituality that gives me the peace of mind and encouragement to develop and incorporate my spirituality and intuition into my daily life. Thank you for letting your light shine so I could see mine and for being one of my Earth Angels.

With love and blessings,
Maryann Miller