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Enhance Your Intuition – A How-To, Hands-On, Class

This class is for those who wish to benefit from intuitive communication with their guides, but feel a need for direction on how to accomplish this.

Your personal questions will be answered, and your personal techniques explored. Everyone taps into their intuition differently. In this class you will unlock your own intuitive channels, and become comfortable and confident in the journey.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Connecting with Your Personal Guides
  • Use of Intuitive Tools
  • Recognizing Energy and Auras
  • Meditation and Self-Protection
  • Understanding Chakras
  • Psychometry

Please join us as we take this in-depth, 2-Class-Series "Awareness Journey"

Meditation/Mini Workshop

The first Monday of each month from 6:30 - 8:30.

This session is an open invitation to those who are interested in exploring meditation, energy education/topics and Reiki.

No experience is necessary and participants do not have to be Reiki trained to attend this workshop.
Please be respectful and arrive on time so the meditation is not disturbed.
Please refrain from alcohol the day of the workshop.

Reiki Attunments

Level I
A certification in Reiki I allows you to do Reiki on yourself, other people, pets, plants, crystals and more. Once you are attuned to Reiki, you are a Reiki for life.

Level II

A certification in Reiki II allows you to send Reiki to anyone, anywhere. You can also send Reiki ahead of you, for example; to a job interview, a party, a classroom, etc.. As a level II your intuition will be heightened tremendously.

Third Degree Reiki Master
As a Master you have the responsibility to attune others, passing on the beautiful Reiki energy to another person

How to read Angel Cards

In this class you will learn how to read Angel cards so you can receive guidance from the Angels for yourself and others. This is a fun interactive class. If you have Angel cards, please bring them.